Do you really want to provide safe and clean air for your employees and customers? Provide safety in your premises for example health care objects, waiting rooms, shops, cooking places, receptions, meeting rooms etc. In the time of recent events in the world ADRIAN GROUP decided to bring solution. We began to promote and distribute certified product that successfully eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air. We introduce PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE FOR DECONTAMINATION OF AIR BEEWAIR BW60.

Innovative technology BEEWAIRIZATION destroys viruses’ molecules (scission in reactor with following mineralisation onto regular molecules casually found in the air without creating secondary products or waste) with minimum energy consumption.

Patented technology that transforms molecules with efficiency of 99,99 % will make your air free of viruses such as COVID, SARS and MERS. It works against bacteria for example staphylococcus and streptococcus, E.coli and all kinds of mildews. It successfully deals with fever H1 N1 and human form of adenovirus type 5. It degrades chemical contamination by formaldehyde, crude oil emissions and natural gas. It eliminates smoke from cigarettes and other smells.

The appliance works even while you are present at full operation. It does not swirl the air and dust. It is silent and colour of the light indicates the character of present pathogens in the air. After the cleaning is over and the air is safe, it will lid in blue.

Efficiency of BEEWAIR unit has been approved in several certified laboratories such as INTERTEK and VIRTECH institute Pasteur in France.