Kód produktu: ADRIAN-AIR® EV

ADRIAN-AIR® EV Evaporation cooling is designed to cool and humidify air inside the premises by water evaporation which absorbs the heat.

The output of this unit is 25 kW and the air flow is 18 000 m3/h.

Benefit from use of ADRIAN-AIR® EV when:

  • Too hot inside
  • Poor insulation
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Equipment that generates heat
  • Smoke, insects, odors

When outside temperatures exceed 38º - 40ºC, temperatures inside a poorly insulated building can exceed 50ºC.

With these temperatures working conditions may become very difficult and productivity decreases dramatically.

With evaporative system you can:

  • Reduce significantly the indoor temperature
  • Evacuate latent heat and smoke, insects, odors, dust, etc.
  • Increase productivity significantly
  • Maintain steady temperature of stored products
  • Refresh continually the indoor air, cool it, clean it and filter it
  • Comply with safety and hygiene regulations
  • Reduce costs of installation comparing to other air conditioning systems
  • Minimise maintenance costs