Kód produktu: ADRIAN-AIR® AXV45

High capacity gas fired unit with very efficient condensation is designed to deal with critical thermal losses through gates and openings. It protects well the interior against the incoming cold air from exterior and it keeps the heat inside the heated premises.

Especially developed for industrial objects. Extreme blowing speed and reach combined with quantity of air delivered are key features for success even when extra large gates are in question.


Use of unique construction, long lasting reliability of condensation unit with superb premix burner and highly efficient exchanger results in efficiency reaching limit of 108%.

Special design control box placed inside the air curtain offers not only all of the standard functions and modes however it allows its user to link number of units together and control them all at once. Full management even of larger installation can be flexible and easy.

Unit is available with heating the air or blowing air of ambient temperature, modification for vertical or horizontal blowing is possible. All components are positioned in one dedicated part of product to be accessed easily for service and maintenance.