Kód produktu: ADRIAN-AIR® MID

ADRIAN-AIR® MID is multi-purpose hot air unit to be used in industrial premises. The product range consists of 14 models while the output varies from 68,4 to 1058 kW and the air flow from 5 500 to 72 000 m3/hour. The combustion fumes are separated from the heated air and disposed individually.

ADRIAN-AIR® MID meets the following criteria:

  • simple application and maintenance
  • economic use
  • high efficiency
  • modern design


  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • internal
  • external

ADRIAN-AIR® MID can be easily connected to air ducts or used for direct hot air distribution inside the heated premises.

Following types of burners are applicable:

  • one-step regulation
  • two-steps regulation
  • step less output control

Natural gas, propane or fuel oil may be used as fuel for heating.