Control systems

The demand for control of heating systems and its elements results from the necessity to optimize their operation. The optimization of the performance of heating devices means to contribute to the urgent need of decrease in overall energy consumption, whereby all the system requirements are ensured at the same time. The right choice and settings with respect to a particular installation spaces and customer requirements are also very important.

Complex heating systems

  • large volume premises and complex constructions
  • zoning (heating onto different temperatures in a hall)
  • combination of heating principles
  • cooperation of various types of devices
  • destratification

Requirements of complex heating systems control

  • control of numerous types of devices
  • possibility to optimize all parameters with maximal efficiency
  • archiving of measured values
  • analysis of system
  • central control and monitoring
  • remote control
  • protection against unauthorized modification of settings

Simple heating systems

  • objects of relatively smaller dimensions
  • heating of the whole area onto the same temperature
  • one type of heating device only

Requirements of complex heating systems control

  • simple control accessible directly from the heated area
  • possibility to set required temperatures
  • automatic regulation in selected modes