Gas boilers


Technology applied in ADRIAN® RBI is classified as type „FORGIVENESS“. It offers unique construction design of exchanger and burner and exceptional technical and operation parameters. Even with all of their special features and technological innovations the price level of ADRIAN® RBI is comparable with any standard boiler on the market.

Main features and benefits of ADRIAN® RBI

  • Complete high energy efficiency solutions
  • Stainless steel premix burner already in standard configuration
  • Low operational volume of water with high rate circulation
  • Remarkable resistance to water temperature fluctuations
  • Eliminated creation of sediments and deposits of residuum
  • No additional investments in water treatment on the inlet side are required
  • Proportionally even and efficient energy exchange
  • Finned copper tubular heat exchangers only
  • Top quality materials with high resistance to oxidation
  • Reliable solution for extreme condition with long life span
  • Low weight and compact dimensions
  • Easy and simple installation, maintenance and services

Unique characteristics of ADRIAN® RBI

  • Energy transfer coefficient of copper is 20 times higher than the one of cast iron and 5 times higher than the one of stainless steel and therefore boilers with copper exchangers will always offer lower weight and smaller dimensions
  • Boilers ADRIAN® RBI have exceptionally small dimensions and weight and can be used in any premises of boiler room, even when reorganizing or reconstructing existing boiler system
  • It is very convenient to install gas boilers ADRIAN® RBI outdoor, for example on the roof. Outdoor installation saves limited indoor space and investments into boiler room and its safety systems