We heat in winter, we cool in summer and ...

There is always the most optimal solution to heating for every building when taking into consideration initial investment and operation costs. Investment return of reconstruction of traditional central heating should be 1,5 or 2 years. Whether it is radiant technology using infrareds or hot air solution based on gas or water each product has its user and they make perfect fit.

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are most suitable for tall buildings with a low level of insulation. Infrared heating can also be used for partially open spaces or as local heating. ADRIAN® gas infrared heaters are among the leaders in the market of industrial space heating. We offer a special range of infrared heaters and heaters for agriculture.

Hot air heaters

Hot air heating is more suitable for building with lower ceilings and better insulation characteristics.

Hot water units

Hot water units are great in combination with boilers regardless their fuel including besides gas also biomass, peletes or alternative fuels.

Electric heaters

Electric heating is an attractive solution for locations without gas. Take a look at our electric infrared heaters and electric air heaters we offer.

Reduction of heat losses

Effective heating goes hand in hand with reduction of heat losses in the building. Nowadays, when prices of fuels and energies increase dramatically, keeping once produced heat in the building is essential. Our heaters combine well with air door curtains and underceiling fans - destratificators. Both technologies represent significant potential of additional energy savings.

Industrial gates, together with skylights and windows, are a weak point for heated halls. Heat leaks are greatest in these places. Losses cannot be completely ruled out, but they can certainly be significantly mitigated. Every unit of heat saved means energy savings and higher heating efficiency. For industrial gates, we offer air curtains with heating, which can be used to "heat up" the space in their immediate vicinity.

Air cooling

The ADRIAN brand is also active in the field of air cooling, the so-called Evaporative cooling is a great choice for cooling air without CFCs or cooling mixtures with guaranteed success in the summer months. If you are looking for technology for year-round use, take a look at our rooftop or hot air unit with air conditioning.

Control systems

ADRIAN GROUP performs also development and innovation. In the area of control systems, we have our own solutions to bring energy consumption under absolute control and create space for additional energy savings.