Control systems for your heating and cooling systems

The need to regulate and control heating systems and their elements is based on the need to optimize their operation. The optimization of the operation of the equipment contributes to the reduction of the energy intensity of the operation while ensuring all the requirements for the system. It is also important to choose the right control system and its settings with regard to specific installation areas and customer demands.

Complex heating systems

  • large spaces and areas,
  • zoning and heating for different temperatures,
  • combining heating principles,
  • cooperation of several types of equipment,
  • destratification.

Management requirements:

  • control of several types of devices,
  • possibility of maximum optimization of parameters,
  • archiving of measured quantities,
  • system analysis,
  • control and monitoring from one place,
  • remote access,
  • protection against unauthorized parameter changes.

Simple heating systems

  • buildings with smaller dimensions,
  • the whole space is heated to the same temperature,
  • one type of heating system.

Management requirements:

  • simple operation directly in the heated area,
  • possibility to set the required temperature curves,
  • automation of selected modes,
  • one control system can control up to 8 heating zones,
  • easy control of the system using the rotary selector and 6 buttons,
  • setting the system for the whole season, including special days (eg public holidays),
  • the password system prevents unauthorized persons from interfering with the settings,
  • real-time backup for 72 hours,
  • storage of measured quantities in the internal memory.