Workplace temperature

Workplace temperature management is an important task for many employers. The indoor temperature is not only affected by the outdoor temperature and the duration of sunlight. It is often also the heat released during production processes. Mainly technological heat causes a significant and rapid increase in workplace temperature. Research shows that at temperatures above 22 ℃, each further increase in temperature by one degree means a decrease in productivity of 2%. For example, at an outdoor temperature of 25 ℃, the workplace temperature is often in the range of 30 - 35 ℃ and labor productivity in the production hall drops by 24%.

Too high, or too low, temperatures not only affect the comfort and well-being of employees, but also ultimately affect staff turnover.

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Workplace temperature control.

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Due to the high energy costs, the selection of a suitable temperature control system in the production halls is crucial. Fortunately, there are very effective and sustainable solutions to this problem. Proper adjustment of adiabatic cooling, radiant heating, air curtains and ventilation systems allows for more efficient temperature control with significant cost savings. This will dramatically improve the overall indoor climate and increase productivity in the workplace.

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