Infrared heating for farms

Adrian infrared heaters and air heaters are the preferred method of heating in agriculture. Maintaining the right temperature in the stable is essential for the ideal comfort and growth of the animals. We offer a complete range of quality heating equipment, including our own range of generators and tube heaters. Our heating devices keep the animals warm and at the same time help their development. In addition, infrared heaters and heaters keep the floor of the heated space at the required temperature. This makes the floor warm and dry, which is especially important in poultry pens.

Providing heating for farm buildings is a specific task. A characteristic feature of AGRO infrared heaters is their unique reflector, which is designed to spread heat over a larger area, instead of creating one hot spot. The heaters and infrared heaters are made of stainless steel and are therefore resistant to chemicals and / or high-pressure cleaning, which guarantees their long life. Infrared heaters are designed for poultry houses where (climatic) conditions are difficult. They have a regulator to control the gas pressure and thus the heat output.



We offer quality heating for farmers, including our own range of Agro heaters.


Advantages of infrared heating in agriculture

  • long lifespan is their basic feature,

  • represents a highly efficient solution with very low energy consumption,

  • retain their functionality even in difficult conditions typical of breeding farms,

  • the unique 60 ° angle of the burner radiation is a guarantee of concentrating the maximum radiated energy into the working zone,

  • there are 4 different types of design depending on the type of control,

  • construction and high-quality design ensure their trouble-free operation,

  • the fuel can be natural gas or propane.