Cooling of industrial halls

They have already bought a cooling unit twice ...

Do you know which customer will come back to buy again? Only the satisfied one. The customer is satisfied when his expectations are fulfilled. Also this summer season, the engineering company VÚMZ from the village of Černík pri Nitre approached us to solve their problem with heat. This time in the hall used for welding metal structures. In 2021 they purchased the first unit for the hall for assembly and finalization of products and it proved to be an effective way of cooling the production premises. This year they approached us again. Adiabatic cooling has countless advantages, including the fact that it cleans, cools and humidifies the space in the hall, creating an acceptable working environment for employees. Are you and your business troubled by a problem with heat? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find an affordable solution for you as well.


Cooling and ventilation in the stable

The popularity of evaporative coolers grows in various large volume buildings. AGROBAN from Bátka, Slovakia, is an important livestock farm. Adiabatic cooling was delivered for special premises of maternity ward. Environmentally friendly decrease of internal temperature at minimum costs of energy will improve conditions in the hall significantly. Besides lowering the temperature, it will provide better ventilation and circulation of air. In second stage we plan to deliver evaporative coolers for stables and automatic milking barn.