Electric hot air heaters for industry

Suspended electric hot air heaters are preferably designed for areas where no natural gas is supplied. The heater has a powerful fan, through which its output is regulated. The front wall of the hot air heater consists of horizontal discharge lamellas. In the premises where hot water or gas are available, one may choose hot water or gas fired air heates.

Use of electric hot air heaters

Electric air heaters are used in showrooms, cloakrooms, company corridors, production halls or garages. Adrian Group has been offering these robust electric heaters for more than two decades. Hot air heaters are a long-term proven heating solution, which offers the so-called "clean heat".

Electric hot air heaters - characteristics


Electric hot air heaters are absolutely environmentally friendly, highly efficient and easy to install. The device uses electricity to increase the air temperature extremely efficiently. Heated air is dissipated into the room via an axial fan.

  • single-phase 220V fan supply,
  • three-phase power supply for 400V heating batteries,
  • manual safety thermostat,
  • axial fan,
  • wall mounting,
  • power from 6 to 24 kW.

The device contains complete electrical equipment, including a switching contactor, which increases the protection of the device.

  • preheating before starting the axial fan,
  • can be used to ventilate the area,
  • two heating batteries with different power consumption,
  • automatic switching of the axial fan,
  • stainless steel heating batteries,
  • copper protected electrical connections.