Adrian Group's competitive advantage is innovative solutions and exceptional reliability. We have gained our experience throught many years in implementing our systems in various industries and as a result we offer advanced cooling, ventilation and heating systems. We are with our customers from the moment of project design and throughout its lifetime, when we offer maintenance and service of installed equipment. We offer a turnkey heating project, taking into account the temperature of the workplace and energy saving. Our systems are commissioned and serviced by trained personnel.

In the "HEATING SOLUTION DESIGN" phase, we perform:

  • technical inspections,
  • heat loss calculations,
  • technical solution proposals,
  • comparison of alternative solutions,
  • analysis of existing project documentation,
  • elaboration of a price offer.

Adrian Group provides consulting in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification for:

  • architects and designers,
  • assembly companies,
  • service technicians,
  • implementation companies,
  • investors and general contractors,
  • customers and end users.

WE REALIZE turnkey projects, but also partial project steps:

  • elaboration of project documentation,
  • turnkey implementation,
  • setting into operation,
  • consultations and advice directly on the construction site,
  • implementation supervision,
  • installation of appliances,
  • welding work.

We provide SERVICE and maintenance of our equipment:

  • warranty service,
  • after warranty service,
  • professional inspection,
  • technical revision,
  • service inspection,
  • revision of specific technical gas equipment,
  • revision of specific technical electrical equipment,
  • maintenance of evaporation system before the season and after the season,
  • RIELLO burner service.