Energy saving

Before the implementation of the project, we will perform professional work, on the basis of which we will design an effective solution focused on saving energy.


If you are interested in our expertise, please provide us with details via the questionnaire.


Please download the questionnaire and forward it to us (


We do

  • technical inspections,
  • heat loss calculations,
  • technical solution proposals,
  • comparison of alternative solutions,
  • analysis of existing project documentation,
  • elaboration of a price offer.

The process of implementing climate and workplace temperature management requires several calculations and at the same time it ensures rapid installation of equipment in the interiors of workshops, halls, sports grounds and their exteriors, often on roofs. At Adrain Group, we have the knowledge, experience and know-how for such solutions. We can quickly calculate how many infrareds, heaters, adiabatic coolers will be needed for your production site. To prepare the initial proposal, you can provide us with the necessary information in the form of a questionnaire, click here.

Our systems and units have been in operation for many years, under our continuous service, but we also offer a short-term solution for the temporary placement of a heating or cooling unit in a temporary workplace.

Together, we will make sure that your employees can work in a pleasant, healthy and comfortable working environment in the summer and winter.