Air cooling in production and sports halls

Adiabatic air cooling is an economical and at the same time efficient cooling, otherwise known as evaporation. It works on the principle of water evaporation, which cools the air to a comfortable temperature. ADRIAN AIR EV products are designed for cooling large production areas. Mobile units are designed for cooling smaller spaces, in addition to smaller production halls and workshops, also for cooling social and cultural spaces or sports premises.

Cool the air to a comfortable temperature


From the beginning of civilization, evaporation - evaporative cooling has been used to cool the environment. At that time, there were no electric fans and air conditioners, so the natural part of the buildings were the elements ensuring water evaporation and air cooling. Evaporative cooling using wet rags in combination with a wind tower (wind trap) was a traditional feature of Iranian architecture.



How does evaporative cooling work?


The water evaporates in a stream of air, converting from a liquid to a gas. This change requires energy to be extracted from the warm air. The result of this process is air cooling.



Comparison of evaporative cooling and air conditioning?


Possibilities of evaporative cooling


Whether you need to cool a large space such as a production hall, workshop, warehouse, gazebo, tent or animal and plant production for rental, and you may not be able to supply fresh air from the outside through the side wall or ceiling, you can take advantage of high-efficiency natural cooling and minimal cost as well. Adrian Group offers solutions, such as mobile cooling units suitable for restaurants, bars and terraces. Open areas such as podiums and squares are no exception.


Water sterilization of the cooling unit


ADRIAN-AIR adiabatic cooling units are equipped with water treatment sterilizers that use UV-C light. UV-C disinfection is a reliable and fast method of water disinfection without the use of temperature and chemicals. The sterilizer very effectively removes cataracts caused by bacteria and destroys germs in the water, thus preventing the occurrence of diseases. Only thanks to the physical action of ultraviolet light can we avoid the need to burden water with chemistry. The big advantage is that UV-C sterilization does not change the chemical composition of the water.




Preparation your cooling unit for winter


With the arrival of cold days and especially nights, it is time to think about winterizing your evaporation units so that working comfort for employees during the summer heat is ensured for as long as possible. Summer will definitely come one day, so don't let the first autumn frosts damage the equipment by freezing water residues in pipes, tanks or filters. It's not complicated! The relatively simple design of the cooler allows you to activate the automatic cleaning function yourself and then drain the water from the device's tank. After disconnecting the device from the water supply, it is necessary to dry and clean the filters and protective nets. Do not use alcohol or wire brush to clean the inside and outside of the box. We recommend disconnecting the device from the power supply. The cover sleeve for ADRIAN-AIR EV is an ideal solution for covering the device after draining and cleaning. The cover will protect the unit from the weather, rain, snow, frost and also insects and little animals trying to hide from the winter. Sleeves are available with holes for top, bottom and side exhaust from the device. Are you tired of worrying about the maintenance and don't have time or desire to do it yourself? Order professional services from us! If you are interested, we can provide the service together with sleeves. Consider installing a UV-C lamp for the next season, which serves as a water sterilizer and effectively protects against bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and other unwanted elements of neglected maintenance.


Preparing evaporative cooling for the season


Spring is in full swing already and this is the right time to take care of the good condition of your cooling equipment so that it works as optimally as possible during the summer days. We therefore offer you maintenance and cleaning of your evaporation unit. The task is to prepare the cooling unit for safe and reliable operation during the season. After filling the appliance and system with water, functional parts are checked - motor, pump, fan, float. At the same time, the cooling unit is thoroughly cleaned. The solid parts are cleaned with water under pressure and the filters are washed with running water. In the case of heavy pollution, the surface of the filter wall is scrubbed with a brush of medium hardness. By default, this wall has a thickness of 100 mm. The cooling unit maintains its original performance until the wall thickness decreases by more than 35%. It is possible to use soda or vinegar for coarse scale pollution. Chemicals and detergents are not used.