Technical services

Completing the installation does not mean the project ends.  Adrian Group's services include:

  • warranty service,
  • after warranty service,
  • professional inspection,
  • technical revision,
  • service inspection,
  • revision of specific technical gas equipment,
  • revision of specific technical electrical equipment,
  • maintenance of evaporation system before the season and after the season,
  • RIELLO burner service.

Maintenance of infrareds and other heaters

Regular maintenance can also reveal a slightly deteriorating condition of the equipment, which can also have adverse health consequences, such as a carbon monoxide leak. We can detect and fix minor problems immediately before they become serious problems. Due to the costs associated with the replacement of heater, heaters and coolers, their service makes great sense.

Lifespan of infrareds and other heaters

Most heating, ventilation or cooling systems fail due to neglecting service and maintenance duties. No one expects his car to last ten years without routine maintenance. The same applies to heating, ventilation or cooling systems.

Efficiency of infrareds and other heaters

Service contracts are a guarantee of ensuring the highest energy efficiency of systems. Just as a tuned car saves on gasoline, a well-tuned heating or cooling system reduces energy consumption.

Experienced and trained technicians

Service and maintenance are performed by professional technicians who are fully trained and qualified for this job and consultancy. Technicians are equipped with appropriate equipment and tools that are regularly tested and calibrated. Off course, immediate delivery of the necessary spare parts is new normal.