Electric infrared heating

Interesting use of electric infrared heaters, Ružiná ​


By the beginning of September 2019, the water reservoir Ružiná was emptied in order to provide reconstruction of the dam itself and its technologies. Works are scheduled for 3 – 6 years and it will all end with water being pumped back in. Heat comfort in operation rooms where service of part of the technology is installed is secured by electric infrared heaters ADRIAN-RAD Q3000. Well done by our partner ELEKTROPROGRES, Banská Bystrica.


EMPIRIA, heating of the huge warehouse

A wholesaler with a wide assortment for heating and ventilation, has struggled with the problem of local cold zones for long time. With the help of ADRIAN-RAD ELECTRO electric infrared heaters and the GUARD 200E door heaters, we managed to ensure a comfortable conditions for the store's employees and customers exactly in the checkout zone without the need to heat the entire area of the huge building.