Door curtains solutions

Door curtain in the Children's Faculty Hospital

At the beginning of 2024, we were approached by the Children's Faculty Hospital in Banská Bystrica to solve the door draft at the entrance to the lobby of the emergency room. This problem was observed for a long time, but it became more serious last fall as the older entrance door was replaced with an automatic one with a motion sensor. The frequent opening caused that the reception and the buffet workers were directly and long-term exposed to the influence of winter and door drafts, which caused them discomfort. To solve this problem, we chose a 2 m air curtain, horizontally installed above the lobby entrance door. The door contact turns on the air curtain when the door opens with the fact that an authorized person can set one of the three fan speeds on the controller.

Horizontal set of industrial curtains

REMARKPLAST company from Vráble dealt with thermal energy loss through the open gate by doubling it and installing a high-speed gate in near proximity. Although this partially permeable barrier did reduce heat loss, however, not to a sufficient level. After consultation with our technicians, we suggested a horizontal set of industrial air curtains with electric heating, installed above the gate. This ensures a really strong protection against cold air penetrating into the space and heat leakage at the same time. Increased thermal comfort will clearly lead to increased work productivity.


Reducing the energy consumption of buildings with door curtains

Minimizing heat loss using door curtains is a proven and effective solution. Even in the renowned company NEUMANN ALUMINUM, fixed energy costs are reduced in reasonable ways. We are currently working for them with our partner ŠALIGA s. r. o. and we installed door curtains without heating on the other two gates. Considering the type of gate and the method of opening, as well as the layout of spaces around, we agreed on mounting from the side of the gate, while the width of the opening allows the use of the door heaters from only one side. Since the flow and velocity of blown air are essential for the effectiveness of the solution and the operation did not require heating passage zone, we used appliances without heating and an exchanger. The curtain is a self-supporting structure that is fixed to the floor and side wall. Additional elements designed by the customer will protect it from the danger of impact of the handling equipment.

New ambient door curtain installation

For the premises of ZF SLOVAKIA a. s. in Levice, we delivered GUARD PRO air door curtains without heating for our partner installer MERAX SK s.r.o. The general contractor was IN VEST s.r.o. One-sided installation vertically up to a height of 4.5 m was sufficient. In the summer, these devices create a barrier against the penetration of heat into the premises, and in the winter they help to achieve significant savings on operating costs and save energy. Door curtains are a good choice when the gates are opened frequently, when the heated space is quickly ventilated, they also prevent the penetration of insects, dust and odors. The investment return on door curtains is usually within two years time.


Saving energy is worth it

More and more of our customers are realizing that the cheapest is energy that they can save themselves. One of the ways is also the protection of large industrial gates against the escape of a huge amount of heat from the production hall. For this purpose, it is ideal to use powerful door curtains. Whether they decide for gas, hot water, electric or even module without heating, it is always an effective and simple solution. Our clients also chose this path: Inipex s.r.o., Mar s.r.o., Rona a.s. etc. Each of the companies has its own production program, but these door curtains will reliably serve everyone. Ecological paper straws, table glass, metalwork - cold air is strictly prohibited from entering the hall. And that's the point.

Eltek has decided for door curtains 

The company ELTEK from Liptovský Hrádok asked us for a solution of door heaters for an industrial gate, through which they load material and ship products at frequent intervals. Due to the complicated layout of building construction elements (such as passenger doors) and the inappropriate type of gate opening for horizontal installation, vertical assembly from one side of the gate was chosen. Installation of hot water distribution systems, wiring and door curtains was handled in cooperation with Ing. Peter Zábranský. The company's building has a boiler room, the output of which was not used to its maximum, and therefore it was possible to install door curtains with a GUARD PRO 200W hot water exchanger. Hot water door curtains have the fastest start-up and thus ensure that the heat losses of the heated space after opening the gate are as low as possible. With a correctly used heating system and a correctly chosen technical solution for door curtains, it is possible to save up to 12 % of annual heating costs.

Adient Slovakia s.r.o.,  hot-water door heaters 

Door heaters or in other words "air curtains" demonstrably eliminated the building's energy losses. We connected the air ducts with hot water heating to the existing boiler room, which underwent renovation. In the summer, the clones will be operated without heating and will thus create a natural and effective air barrier.