What is radiant heat?

We recognize three ways of heat transfer, namely conduction, flow and radiation. In real situations, heat transfer takes place by a combination of two or all modes of transfer. Enter a name here

Radiant heat is nothing new, it is as old as our solar system. When you go outside on a winter but sunny morning and feel the warmth of the sun, which warms with invisible infrared rays. The sun is the oldest and most established form of radiant heating.

Radiant heat uses invisible electromagnetic infrared waves to heat. It does not heat the air like other heating systems, but transfers energy to nearby objects, which absorb it immediately. Once heated, they radiate heat to other objects in the room. It is a fascinating and at the same time very efficient way of heat transfer.

So why radiant gas heating?

It is an energy-efficient way of heating large open indoor and outdoor spaces, such as factory halls, warehouses, hangars, workshops or other industrial buildings or non-industrial premises like sport halls, churches or even smaller ones like cafés.

Radiant heat sources can take many forms. Even a simple fire in the fireplace generates radiant heat, in addition to gas and electricity. As for the heating itself, it has many advantages. It is almost quiet, clean, comfortable, requires minimal maintenance and is efficient at the same time. In addition, it offers design flexibility, environmental friendliness and reliability while maintaining aesthetic standards. However, its main advantage is the ability to zone the heated space. Using radiant heat, you can create different zones with different temperatures and at any time.

Reduce energy consumption

  • you are the owner of a café or restaurant and you want to attract more customers to the terrace even on colder days or evenings while maintaining operating costs,
  • you have a warehouse or a large workshop, you want to ensure the satisfaction of your customers and employees and at the same time you do not want to spend your money on excessive heating,
  • or you do not have a heating system in your facility and would like to assess the benefits of a radiant heating method

If you have an intention that meets the above goals, Adrian Group is here to help.