Use of our infrared heaters in-practice

Local heating for a specialized workplace

Even with existing customers, new requirements for heating, cooling or ventilation are constantly arising. Construction or reconstruction of premises, supply of new technologies or reorganization of processes and jobs. Our customer ZF SLOVAKIA in one of their plants in Komárno, they set aside a specialized workplace in the hall for special purposes and fenced it around. The employees at this location found themselves outside the existing heating and it was necessary to provide local heating. Since it is a customer who has been using our gas infrared heaters since the 90s and they are happy with the technology, the solution was clear. The advantage of using radiation was underlined by the significant height of the space, irregularity of heating, local use and need for a different heating temperature than in the rest of the hall.

How to ensure the functionality of the radiator in an aggressive environment.

Our customer ZLH Plus, a.s. is a well-known Slovak foundry with an admirable tradition. It uses our ceramic infrared heaters ADRIAN-RAD CRE and dark infrared emitters ADRIAN-RAD E. The use of appliances is conditioned by the characteristics of specific premises. There is extreme dustiness and often high humidity in many buildings. Likewise, the conditions for installation are mostly limited in confined spaces. They currently chose another 3 units of ADRIAN-RAD E222 for local heating for a specific workplace. As you can see in the photos, the environment is really aggressive. The closed construction of the E-type heater with burner and fan in a monoblock provides the necessary protection. Dust and dirt would make the exhaust fan inoperable quickly and are also dangerous for other parts. The combination with air intake for combustion from the exterior is therefore a necessary condition.

Infrared heaters also for showroom, in Poprad

The construction company EUROVIA SK approached us with a request for heating for the warehouse space at the Transport Construction Center in Poprad. The investor decided to connect several small storage areas into one large area and at the same time, due to the change in the purpose of use of the building, he also decided to replace the older hot air heating units, which were at the end of their life time, with new modern and economical dark gas infrared heaters ADRIAN-RAD AA132. The switch from warm air heating to radiant heating will suit it much better since it will serve as a showroom for a new customer.

Necessary maintenance of infrared heaters in a dusty environment

During March 2023, our technicians carried out regular professional inspections and tests together with service and maintenance at the Foundry in Hronec (Brezno district, Slovakia). It was a very challenging week, both from the point of view of the environment - a huge layers of dust from the production everywhere, and also from the point of view that the operator underestimated the regular service of the heating units in recent years. In such a demanding environment, not only the heating technologies face harsh working conditions, but neglecting the service shortens the life of important components, which even causes the heating to malfunction. The transition season between winter and summer is the ideal time to carry out professional inspections and tests, but also to service the heating units, which will prepare them for trouble-free operation during the next heating season. In the current period, we have enough spare parts at our disposal, and at the same time, the waiting times for performing the necessary work are minimal. 

Cars logistic center  

Regardless actual summer temperatures, one must think of heating already. Early project designing and submitting necessary building permits is key to finishing your installation this year. Begin your installation as soon as possible to avoid stress and limited capacities in autumn and winter. Look at the latest reference of our partner ETEC, Žilina for Q&L logistic centre in Trnava where they decided to combine dark infrareds ADRIAN-RAD AA 502 and gas hot air blowers ADRIAN-AIR AX 25. Another successful project was finished in garages of road maintenance for Trenčín county here in Slovakia where dark infrareds ADRIAN-RAD AA 222 were installed.


Our infrared heaters heat well-known shopping mall BORY

METROSTAV is one of the top developers and constructors in our region. Our cooperation resulted yet into another heating project called Phase I., Bory, Bratislava in Slovakia. We recently finalized implementation of dark infrared heaters ADRIAN-RAD AL 352 and 132 for first 3 halls. Another 4 objects already started to take shape within Phase II. Besides providing temperature comfort with radiant heat we already discuss individual offers for future users for GUARD PRO door curtains and other energy saving products and systems to be added to our infrareds.


Delivery of an infrared heating system

By the end of 2021 GASOTHERM PLUS, long term partner from Košice, succeeded in bringing efficient energy solution to new production and warehouse facility of ROSENBERG SLOVAKIA, Medzev. Smart application of 6 pcs of ADRIAN-RAD E 352 on various positions does the job. Customer’s satisfaction is based on great cooperation and coordination of all participants. Technical support proved to be essential once again. Smooth execution is greatly important for the construction may be even more than price itself.