Gas heaters for industrial halls

Hot air heaters in Martin

TREND TECHNOLOGIES is an international corporation that built a new plant for metal machining and metal processing in Martin, Slovakia, mainly for the automotive industry and healthcare. For the heating of the new premises, the designer chose under-ceiling gas blowers. 6 pieces of ADRIAN-AIR AD45 were delivered to the higher spaces and 3 pieces of ADRIAN-AIR AD35 to the lower ones. It was important that the heating elements did not take up space in the working area and that they were hot air units. We complied with the requirements and together with our partner company ETEC s.r.o. we demonstrated a professional and problem-free installation.

Local heating for a specialized workplace

Construction company Novosedlík SK from Nitra built a storage hall with administration on its premises. The future tenant - a large distributor of spare parts and accessories for cars needs heating for its operation. Due to the fact that this is a storage space where there will be both shelving systems and goods in bulk that will be handled during shipping, we have chosen gas hot air heating as the most suitable energy system. The optimal required temperature in the space will be ensured by 4 units of ADRIAN-AIR AX45 ERP gas heaters controlled by room thermostats with a weekly mode. The gas exhaust and air intake for combustion were solved individually – intake of combustion air through an uninsulated chimney pipe horizontally and the gas exhaust through an insulated chimney pipe  horizontally through the wall and then vertically all the way above roof level.

Gas industrial air heaters ADRIAN Air AX in Kazakhstan

The ADRIAN brand is well known not only in Slovakia but also abroad. For example, we have been working with partners in Kazakhstan for a long time. Now they shared their successful references. As the customer confirmed, with an outside temperature of -34˚C, the temperature in the hall with dimensions of 2,000 m2 and a height of 8 m never drops below zero. And the employees are said to be complaining that it's too hot, added the facility administrator with a smile. We are pleased that hot air heating using ADRIAN-AIR gas units has proven itself even in such harsh weather conditions.

Heating of sports schools in Kazakhstan from ADRIAN GROUP

We bring to your attention to a long-term successful project of heating children's sports schools in the south of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project was not born easily because its timing precisely hit the time of the Covid-19 and the triple economic, energy and financial crisis associated with it. However, in close cooperation with our Kazakh partners, these complications were overcome. We continue with the project and believe in its successful completion. After all, a good thing cannot fail.


New instalation in Slovenia 

We succeeded in Slovenia again. Representatives of the metal processing company VAMAR saw our other technical solutions in Maribor and they convinced them to become our new customers. In the first stage, we delivered 4 units of ADRIAN-AIR AX80 hot air gas blowers to the reconstructed welding hall, and another 4 units should follow soon after. On the contrary, the original super dark infrared emitters, which were not a suitable solution, are being dismantled. As part of good cooperation, we ensured installation supervision and operator training directly on site by our colleagues.

Propan hot air heaters

A well-known producer of food and especially the popular ketchup and mustard SNICO in Liptovský Mikuláš was disconnected from the original source of steam and hot water this year and had to urgently deal with a different type of heating. After months of consultations with ADRIAN GROUP and other experts, they decided on propane hot air heating. Despite the size of the objects and their clearance height, hot air heating is more suitable especially in warehouses, since most products are stored in glass and plastic and pallets are stacked high. 15 units of ADRIAN-AIR AX45 heat several buildings with different purpose and are connected to large-volume propane storage tanks located in the area.

ERP ECO design in real life

Innovated gas hot air units ADRIAN-AIR are as popular as their predecessors. One of the last installations is located in the outside perimeter of world known company ZVS in Dubnica nad Váhom in Slovakia. Together with our long-term partner we mounted 4 pcs of ADRIAN-AIR AX 35 ERP into newly refurbished premises with individual thermostat for each one of them. New digital control automatic enables individual settings of selected parameters to adjust the unit to the location and customer demands.


HT MAS Vlkanová, hot air heaters 

Just before Christmas we set into operation hot air gas fired heating system for HMC INVEST in industrial part HT MAS, Vlkanová Slovakia. Heaters ADRIAN-AIR AX 45 and AX 35 with new automatics and in complete ERP design will provide temperature regime for French investor DELZEN. Production technology emits enough heat during the operation. Our task is to secure safe start on regular basis and protection against low temperatures when production stops.

Makita, Banská Bystrica - Šálková, success story

Last year we installed our heaters into newly build official service centre for warranty and non-warranty repairs of MAKITA and MT series in Banská Bystrica – Šalková. In order to get the best result, we combined hot air gas fired units and destratificators. First season is over, and customer is happy. Total number of units proved to be appropriate and desired temperature was achieved regularly. Mr Cimerman: “We moved into the new premises last autumn November 24th during the heating season. With small adjustments to control system, we now have units that proved to heat and ventilate, and we are happy with it.” We remain at their disposition for service and maintenance.