Practical and ecological cooling - mobile units

Mobile evaporative cooling units are a modern alternative to mobile air conditioners. Compared to air conditioning, they are practical, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easy to operate. They are ideal for use in areas up to 100 m2, such as a larger office, meeting room, terrace, restaurant and similar spaces. To be comfortable in the summer, you usually only need to reduce the air temperature by a few degrees. You will achieve a significant difference between outdoor and indoor. The effect of air conditioners can sometimes be unwanted, too high.

Mobile evaporative coolers are much simpler than air conditioning and at the same time they do not need water drainage through the walls or a condenser located outside. They are ideal for applications where the use of air conditioning would be difficult (for example, where there is some restriction on the location of condensers on the facade of the building) or they are unbearable in terms of cost or in places where only slight cooling is required.