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Are you considering buying a Beewair decontamination unit , but still lack information? Ask them from us! We have just completed the new current technical conditions and manual. Beewair in Slovakia and surrounding countries is becoming more and more popular. The reason is simple - it really works! The technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi and even unpleasant odors without any waste. It is suitable for every operation and household. The product is also available in installments.

08.12.2020 11:15



An interesting installation was added directly around Banská Bystrica. The company AMARI BANERO, Vlkanová, focused on supplies and services in the field of metallurgical materials, has chosen our ADRIAN-RAD AA502 gas infrared heaters for heating . It would not be strange if the flue pipes were not assembled in a new, completely unconventional way. Namely, with the help of radiant pipe holders! We have already seen the cadet in 27 years, but we are seeing this surprising solution from the workshop of our partner assembly company PEPA sro for the first time. And why not? After all, the diameter of the radiant tube and the flue is the same. A few extra and commonly available radiant tube holders were enough, and a smiling innovation is in the world!

08.12.2020 11:12



Do you really want to provide safe and clean air for your employees and customers? Provide safety in your premises for example health care objects, waiting rooms, shops, cooking places, receptions, meeting rooms etc. In the time of recent events in the world ADRIAN GROUP decided to bring solution. We began to promote and distribute certified product that successfully eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air. We introduce PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE FOR DECONTAMINATION OF AIR BEEWAIR BW60.

16.04.2020 07:59

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E - Energy - Our success with our energy solutions lies in significant energy consumption reduction. We deliver energy directly to the appointed place and in the requested time, in optimal quantity and quality.

E - Economy - Energy systems we create offer a large potential to reduce fixed and operational costs of the user. Short investment return period, supreme durability and long lasting functioning are major proprieties of our products.

E - Ecology - Our products are world known for low emissions. We eliminate energy wastage, putting consumption of energy under user control. This is our direct contribution to a greener environment.
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 Infrared heaters ADRIAN® represent the very top class of heating solutions for industrial and other large volume premises. Our gas fired hot air units and hot air generators are the perfect choice when it comes to hot air heating. In order to offer serious complexity of energy systems solutions we added to our range door curtains and destratificators. These technologies give enormous potential of additional energy savings to any end user. Besides, we offer hydronic gas boilers of premium quality with supreme features and benefits, and, nevertheless, gas convectors for smaller spaces and objects. In the case the use of gas is not the best option for you, check out our hot water units or products for electric heating. 

Shall you be interested in heating other large volume objects, take a look at our Agro category. 

ADRIAN® brand includes solutions for cooling, too. Evaporative cooling is an excellent choice to bring down the inside temperature in summer without use of any Freon nor cooling liquids based technologies. In the case you are looking for solution for all-year-round use, check out our rooftop or hot air gas fired unit combined with heat pump. 

ADRIAN GROUP s. r. o. stands for research and innovation. We offer our own range of control system solutions for total energy management to bring consumption under your direct control and create additional potential for further energy savings.