Mobile cooling units for social and cultural events

Temperatura comfort at POHODA festival

The biggest music and art festival POHODA took place for 25th time. Two companies asked us for help with providing temperature comfort for their visitors. Milk far – BRAUNVIEH and brewery Banskobystrický pivovar with their legendary URPINER beer asked us to cool their premises with mobile adiabatic coolers ADRIAN-AIR EV18 and EV8000. Refreshing breeze made everybody happy.

How to use adiabatic cooling properly?

Every summer ADRIAN GROUP offers variety of evaporative coolers - ADRIAN AIR EV. Do you know how to use it in the most efficient way? We offer customized solutions for various premises such as production, industry, logistics, cultural and sport buildings, catering and gastro or even your terrace. You will be one of many happy customers benefiting from low operation costs and benefits of natural cooling. The best performance is achieved when the cooler intakes 100 % fresh air from outside and when it is placed or it blows its cooled air into well ventilated premises. In order to secure sufficient ventilation, try to open all doors or windows. If it proves to be insufficient, forced ventilation is needed. Besides necessary air exchange it will help to draw cooled air around your space. Running adiabatic cooling in closed or badly ventilated buildings will result in lower cooling effect, higher humidity and feeling of stiff air. Running adiabatic cooling in rainy conditions will also bring more humidity than cooling. However, with the rain the temperature drops naturally in and out. If necessary, operate your adiabatic cooler only in ventilation mode to benefit from colder air outside. Following these basic steps make a difference between good and great experience. Take for example wedding in a hall. We had just married couple who were very grateful for saving the event with the cooling due to extremely high temperatures outside. And the next week another wedding where the manager of catering company said he had to turn the adiabatic cooling down after few hours. Guess who followed the instructions better. Take advantage of our professional consultants and follow their advice and you will get the best possible result with top energy solutions.