Air cleaning and disinfection at home and at work

Air quality problems and the presence of COVID-19 virus are creating strong interest in air decontamination technologies. Adrian Group offers two types of devices that meet the performance criteria recommended by international guidelines for reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure in healthcare - they eliminate substances such as formaldehyde, ozone and other substances that cause lung irritation from the air.

Principle of operation of air cleaning equipment


The devices are based on technology known in the past from Beewair devices, which can completely clean the air in rooms with a volume of up to 1000 m3. Physical and electrochemical phenomena can decompose the molecules of air entering the reactor to the level of the elements and then fold them into air components. Unlike filtration, this creates "new", healthy and clean air, while eliminating the molecular structure of viruses, bacteria and fungi.




Unrivaled air cleaning


  • perfectly protects against biological and chemical contaminants,
  • destroys polluted air and creates new air,
  • 99.9999% efficiency and direct removal of viruses, bacteria and other air pollutants,
  • unique system, minimal maintenance e.g. versus air filtration,
  • pollution does not return after the process easily,
  • guarantees better air quality, perfect comfort and protection of your health.


The device is suitable for air purification


  • in medical facilities, hospitals, ambulances,
  • nurseries, kindergartens, schools,
  • in gyms, fitness centers,
  • in commercial and office premises (apartments, hotels, offices)