A gas infrared heater means energy savings

Adrian Group offers several types of gas infrared heaters. In addition to gas, where the source of the heat is natural gas or propane, there are also electric infrared heaters. The basis of the gas infrared heater are ceramic plates or tubes, which are mounted on a steel frame. The surface of the infrared heater is heated by controlled gas combustion. The radiant energy of an infrared radiator in the form of infrared radiation is converted into heat upon contact with an object in space.

Characteristics of gas infrared heaters.

There are many advantages to using gas infrared heaters. Just as the sun heats the earth, infrared heaters heat people and objects, directly. Heated objects become a heat exchanger, thus ensuring fast heat recovery and greater comfort even at lower ambient temperatures. The result is obviously lower fuel consumption and energy costs. Unlike air heaters, infrared heaters do not blow dirt and dust, on the other hand, creates a quiet and clean environment. They are easy to install and maintain. Infrared heaters can be adapted to different floor plans and types of buildings.