Sonniger - efficient hot water heaters for halls, workshops and warehouses

The heaters are designed for heating small and medium-sized industrial buildings, in places with a source of hot water, especially: in production halls and warehouses, showrooms. Electric air heaters and gas air heaters are designed for areas where it is not possible to connect to hot water. Hot water heaters can also be used as door - air curtains to create air seals.

The Sonniger hot water heaters offered by the Adrain Group are characterized by low weight and long lifespan. The heat exchangers that are an integral part of them rank among the top in Europe in terms of quality. Hot water heaters can be connected to commonly available hot water sources as well as to lower temperature water sources.

Hot water units are also available in a variant with EC fans. Energy-saving fans with a high-quality modulation system bring a much-needed reduction in consumption. Even more the heater control is also possible. The Panel Inteligent can be controlled wirelessly via the app. The Panel Comfort enables real switching off and on of the heating in the GUARD and GUARD PRO door curtains. For hot water blowers with EC fans, the SPLITTER can control up to 10 devices together instead of 6 units

HEATER hot water heaters

They are a breakthrough solution on the European hot water heater market. The construction of the heater is based on the analysis of the latest world trends in the field of industrial equipment design. The HEATER hot water heater is like a race car, it is synonymous with the highest quality, modern technology and speed. It is characterized by reliable performance with air flow up to 4,900 m3 / h and a power range from 5 to 70 kW. The hot water heaters are equipped with a three-stage fan and automatic regulation of the air flow depending on the room temperature. Adjustable grilles are used for precise direction of the blown air.



HEATER CONDENS hot water heaters


Condens heaters are designed for connection to sources with low water temperature (eg condensing boilers, industrial heat pumps). Even at low temperatures, it can ensure a high air temperature, thanks to the special denser geometry of the heat exchanger surfaces.

Solutions without a heat exchanger such as the HEATER MIX destratifier are also available. A unique HEATER SPECIAL version for aggressive environments and agriculture.