Electrical infrared heater

Electric infrared heaters have the ability to transfer heat to a person or object without heating the surrounding air. It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor areas, such as restaurant terraces, garages, workplaces, waiting rooms, halls, airport halls, hospitals. Infrared heaters are ideal for all applications requiring full area or additional local heating in commercial and industrial premises.

Electric infrared heaters equals warm energy


They produce high-performance infrared thermal energy with visible orange glow. They are an excellent choice for outdoor terraces and applications where high heat is required, but at the same time less visible light is desired. Electric infrared heaters have a specially designed reflector that optimizes the performance of radiant heat. Their construction allows setting the heating direction. Electric infrared heaters are also useful for technological processes, in production they can keep substances (such as adhesives, oils and various chemicals) at the right temperature, necessary for their efficient processing and use.



Electric infrared heaters are an ideal solution for the following reasons:


  • radiant heating is energy efficient. This means that electric infrared heaters have an irreplaceable place in the modern green world,

  • electric infrared heaters are most useful in demanding projects that require high temperatures and high intensity,

  • the method of heating electric infrared heaters enables easy cleaning and maintenance of their heating elements,

  • infrared heaters are cost-effective compared to other available options,

  • Finally, electric infrared heaters are an ideal solution for number of industries from medicine and the automotive industry to the mining and gas industries.